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BT Openzone causing iPhones and iPads to not connect May 08, 2012 Vodafone - BT Openzone WiFi: Does yours work? — Digital Spy It works but there are two classes of BT WiFi. There are public hotspots in cafes etc (formally BT Openzone) that you can connect to without trouble. Then there are millions of BT WiFi home based hotspots (formally BT Fon) which Vodafone customers cannot connect to. Free BT WiFi Account - YouTube Jan 29, 2018

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BT FON for Android finds your nearest BT WiFi hotspots from both BTFON and BT Openzone. It offers an easy one click login to hotspots. It also comes with a convenient option to set it to auto WiFi BT openzone - Plusnet Community c) my hotel guests can sign up on BT FON or BT Openzone? and buy wifi minutes and then use my BT Openzone router to surf the web d) BT manages all issues of data legality and compliance with UK /EU digital melennium ACTA REa rights stuff? e) I get free access to BT open zone and BT …

Sure you can buy BT WiFI as a separate package at £39pcm. Great if you are a heavy user - but totally inappropriate for casual use. I wish to lobby for PlusNet to bundle this facility. Message 5 of 10 (4,460 Views) Reply. And another was about the Fon / Openzone map - although it only gave a rough estimate of where your house was, those

What of the basic Wifi iPad? Well, most Courts have BT Openzone installed, though it is correct to say that reception within Courts is entirely dependant on the location of the Openzone access points – so is patchy. Those who have a BT Broadband contract should be able to use the BT Fon app, which does have a few teething problems, but I do Xbox connecting to BT Openzone - Microsoft Community Apr 14, 2015