Peak Problem in my effect loop | Eventide Jul 19, 2014 Voodoo Amps Tube Buffered FX-Loop TUBE BUFFERED FX-LOOP $495.00. Description / Specs: Most transparent Loop on the market; Same Loop as used in our Voodoo Production amps; 100% Hand Wired - No pcb; Superior tone & performance over solid state FX-Loops; Effects are more dynamic & open sounding ; A must for those who demand a great FX-Loop; For use with effect pedals & rack tube effects loop on board

This is a passive volume pedal. It’s pretty much the same as having a passive volume pedal in your effects loop except you control volume with a knob instead of a rocker pedal. It doesn’t need a power supply and uses a knob instead of a rocker. Technically you could just use a volume pedal if you don’t want to spend the money on this.

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal. 80. 72 available from $105. Carl's Custom Guitars True Loop true bypass guitar switchable effects loop looper pedal. $59.

Jun 24, 2014 · Using buffered pedals in the signal path solves this problem, which is why most top pedalboard designers include buffering in their pro boards, and is why all BOSS pedals are buffered. Check out the following video, where we demonstrate the negative effects of long cable length and how using a BOSS pedal with buffering retains your tone.

Jun 26, 2020 · Yes you can get a lead volume boost out of the loop with a boost pedal. The effects loop is tube buffered in series which is 10x better IMHO than all the solid state loops out there. The solid state effect loops work okay in those amps with these fuzzy harsh diode clipping mods. The FX loop setup works the same as the standard dual buffer, except the jacks are configured to make it easier to set up a dual buffered effects loop. The ‘input’ jack is located on the lower right, the ‘send’ jack is on the upper right, the ‘receive’ jack is on the upper left, and the out’ jack is on the lower left. My Boss NS-2 is buffered bypass. It will be the first buffer in my chain, coming after the tuner. I am thinking of running everything except for delay/looper through the effects loop of the NS-2 as well. Does the NS-2 ALSO buffer what comes back through the effects loop?