Speedtest measures the speed between your device and a test server, using your device's internet connection. Several factors can impact the speed recorded by a test: Devices (phones, tablets, PCs, etc…) can have very different Wi-Fi and cellular radio capabilities.

Speedtest.Net. We find Speedtest.net (owned by Ookla), one of the most popular and one of the … Rock Island Communications | Testing Your Internet Speed Using a Speed Test to Get the Best Results. Testing your Internet performance and understanding the general health of your Internet connection is a good thing to do from time to time. The most common way to do this is by running what is known as a speed test. Speed tests are a great tool, but there are several things to keep in mind when using Internet Speed Test: Check Upload, Download, & Ping Speeds Test Your Internet Speed Again Before trying to optimize your bandwidth, make it a point to run a quick Internet speed test again to see if the initial problem disappeared. Anything above 5 Mbps works for streaming HD-video quality, although speeds greater than 10 Mbps perform better, especially if multiple users are accessing the same router.

Typically 80% of your package speed is fine/normal, since there may be some overhead due to other devices, current line conditions, testing server, software, website java, etc. If your numbers are showing potential issues, the FIRST thing you should do is run the test a few more times — preferably from different devices and/or at different

Take this quick speed test to see the download and upload speeds of your current Internet connection. *Please make sure you're connected to your ISP's WiFi before running the test. Provide your ZIP Code to check availability at your location. 2020 Spectrum Speed Test & Statistics | BroadbandNow.com

Internet Speed Test Sites (Last Updated July 2020)

M-Lab conducts the test and publicly publishes all test results to promote internet research. Published information includes your IP address and test results, but doesn't include any other information about you as an internet user. Learn more about how the test works. Test Your Internet Speed | Sparklight Testing your internet connection while connected to WiFi can deliver slower results. Try adjusting the channel on your wireless network. To do this, simply visit the Wireless provide's website or check their handbook for guidance. Speed Test – Test your broadband Internet speed in South Test your broadband Internet speed with this speed test which was designed for South Africa. Speedtest Frequently Asked Questions