Jul 16, 2020 · Step 2. Transfer iPhone Purchases to iTunes. Connect your iPhone to the computer and its icon will appear in the upper-left corner of iTunes. From the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window, choose File > Devices > Transfer Purchases from "[device name]". This feature works only for content purchased from the iTunes Store.

Jan 14, 2020 · Open iTunes. Click one of your purchases. You can find your purchases under My Music or Playlists. Choose Edit > Get Info. Click the File tab. The ‘purchased by’ will show your Apple ID in parenthesis that was used to buy the item. If none of these things works for you, call (Apple Support). When you speak to Apple, ask them transfer you to Step-by-step guide to restore iTunes Library from iCloud: Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer. Open iTunes Store and log into your Apple ID to access your iTunes account. Step 2: Click the “Purchased” button on the right side of your screen. Choose “Recent Purchases”. May 12, 2020 · To restore purchases on Apple platform. First of all, delete the app from your device. Tap Settings in your device. Navigate to iTunes & App Store. Tap User and log out. Log in with the same Apple ID that originally purchased. Download the app again, tap Options menu and choose Restore purchases. Confirm your password if necessary Jul 10, 2017 · If you have non-consumable in-app purchases to restore, you must do it from within the app itself, not from the App Store. So first, install the app in question (if it’s not already installed). Look for a button named “Restore Purchases” or something similar in the app.

2019 Guide to Restore/Redownload iTunes Purchases (Hidden

Aug 15, 2019 What You Should Know About Transferring Purchases from Jul 16, 2020 How to Hide or Unhide Purchase in iTunes Store

Jul 07, 2020 · Method 2. Restore iTunes Playlists from iPhone/iPad/iPod in 1 Click. Since the above traditional solution is quite grueling and time-consuming, here we would like to share with you another reliable yet efficient way – AnyTrans to do you a favor. Please make sure that you have synced all playlists to your iOS device before.

I just had this happen to me. I ended up having to unhide my purchases. I believe i had to do this one album at a time. There is a button on the bottom of the screen that read "unhide". First you have to go into your account and under iTunes in the Cloud you see Hidden Purchases. Click on Manage. By the way I have no idea why it got like this. Select "Restore iTunes Purchases" > This can take a few minutes Once completed, close the settings menu and return to "My Library" where you should have a "Download" option for your purchased issues. If this is still not the case, please close the application and open it again to make sure the "Issue List" reflects the latest information. Aug 15, 2019 · To restore a backup from iTunes, connect your new device to your computer. Select your device from the toolbar and click “Restore Backup.” In the next popup, choose the backup you want from the list, type the password if it’s encrypted, and wait as your apps and games are restored to their previous states. Restore iTunes purchases on PC, Mac, or iPhone/iPad/iPod with ease. Proved to be the perfect alternative to iTunes - Geekreply , tricksworldzz.com , etc. Using TunesMate makes transferring both purchased and non-purchased files (that you just downloaded from the Internet) simpler. Restore Purchases asks iTunes what of the available in-app purchases you've paid for. You should provide a restore button, I'm not sure if it's required but it's definitely suggested. You should read the docs on in app purchases to get a clearer idea what part of the purchase/restore transaction are your responsibility, and which part is Apple's. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they are no longer on the iTunes Store. Downloading past purchased TV Shows requires iTunes 10.4 or later. It details the following methods: Open the iTunes Store on your device. Make sure you are signed in with the same account used for the original purchase. Tap Purchased from the bottom navigation bar.